2018 Deep Creek's Talent Show!
Benefits Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company

The Honi Honi Bar is proud to present our 11th annual Deep Creek's Talent Show! Karaoke Style fundraiser event on Saturday, June 16th, 2018 at the Honi Honi Bar.  Last year, through the generosity and support of contestants, sponsors and local businesses, we were able to raise over $13,000 for HART for Animals and Deep Creek Lion's Club  Over the past ten years, more than $128,400 has been raised to benefit local charities and organizations.  We could not have achieved this without our community becoming a part of our fundraising efforts.  This year, we are very excited to support Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company!

The Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company has been serving Deep Creek Lake for the past 52 years. As expansion around the lake continues, so does the need for the fire company to expand to meet the demands of the local and tourist communities.

On April 7, 2014, the company stepped up its medical capabilities. On this date, we were able to get our utility vehicle upgraded to ALS capability. There are six members within the company that are Nationally Registered Paramedics. Because the lake is a great attraction, the company staffs 15 open water divers. These divers are trained to respond to water emergencies and recovery operations. During the year, the company actively participates in firefighting training. It is important that the volunteers remain current to provide the best service when called upon. Josh Hook, acting president for the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company reports that "It is important for the community to realize that the Deep Creek Fire Company is an all-volunteer company. In 2013, the members dedicated over 4,000 volunteer hours to the community of Deep Creek Lake.” In addition to the training responsibilities, the fire company is also required to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards on firefighting equipment. In reference to these standards, Jason King, acting chief reports “there are certain costs involved with safety and the fire service. NFPA requires certain aspects of the fire service to be tested and certified annually. Each year we spend roughly $40,000.00 in testing and maintenance of our apparatus and personal protective equipment. This includes our pumps, hose, breathing apparatus, ladders, Department of Transportation (D.O.T) Inspections and repairs. Although this is expensive, it is a necessary step we must take to provide a professional service to our community and to ensure the safety of our responders."

Recently, the company built a $900,000 addition to upgrade the 48 year old facility. As of today, the company has thirty active members that operate an engine, tower, tanker, engine tanker, utility truck, brush truck and a boat. The company also houses a county ambulance and chase unit that accompanies three county paramedics/EMT's 24/7.

If you have any questions about making a donation for Deep Creek's Talent Show!, please feel free to contact Marta at 301-387-4020 or email marta@arrowheadmarket.com.

Honi Honi Bar presents the 11th annual Deep Creek's Talent Show Karaoke Style! - Sing your heart out to raise money for the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company! - Saturday, June 16th - Starts at 5pm - 19745 Garrett Hwy., Oakland, MD - www.deepcreektalent.com - Fundraiser for Deep Creek VFC“